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Be inspired by our simple and bright children's room decorated entirely with Cool Kids furniture. The light tones and white furniture give a simple and harmonious atmosphere. A place where children can relax and be themselves. In the picture you find our single bed with a house and a storage drawer. We have also added a children's desk with drawers for storage. A bookcase is also a good thing to have in a children's room, which is why you will also find our Cool Kids bookcase below. In a children's room, we think it is perfect with cozy lighting and comfortable bedding with cute motifs. Therefore, you will also find children's interiors, which can inspire and create a nice atmosphere. Choose exactly the interior that you like best right here.
  • Cool kids day-bed drawer
  • Cool kids desk
  • Cool kids bookcase
  • Cool kids 3-doors wardrobe
  • Bed linen Crown & Diamants
  • Cushion Dots
  • Table lamp
  • Clip-on light
  • 5-Zone comfort mattress
  • Fitted sheet - Classic White
  • ERGO desk chair
  • COMFORT desk chair
  • SUNNY desk chair