Collection: Storage & Shelves

It is always good to have a lot of practical storage solutions - especially in the children's room. In the children's room, it should be easy for children to find their toys and pack them away again. At LIFETIME we focus on creating solutions that speak to both children and their parents. Therefore we always think about combining design and practical storage solutions. Our storage products have been designed in high-quality wood with a focus on a simple design that suits any children's room. Our goal is to ensure that our products do not have to be replaced as the child gets older and new interests become a reality. You may take a look at all of our storage boxes, shelves and baskets.
27 products
  • Bookshelf for wall or bed
  • Storage box for the bed and wall
  • Book rack
  • Clip-on table for bed
  • Coat rack for the bed or wall
  • Storage boxes on castors
  • Storage box
  • Corner bed shelf
  • Drawer unit
  • Extra drawers or drawer unit
  • Wall shelf
  • Shelf for the bed
  • Storage box for changing cabinet
  • Basket Butterflies
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Butterflies
  • Pocket Hanger - Sunset Dreams
  • Pocket hanger - Princess
  • Pocket Hanger - Honey Glow
  • Basket - Canoe Adventure
  • Pocket Hanger - Ocean Life
  • Pocket Hanger - Canoe Adventure
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Canoe Adventure
  • Basket with hangers - Wild Life
  • Storage box for cabin bed
  • Corner shelf with LED light
  • Corner shelf with LED light
  • Set of 4 castors