Collection: Meubles

The children's room is a place where children relax and recharge their batteries. Often times children like to have more furniture than just a bed and a wardrobe. Therefore we have a selection of child-friendly furniture. You and your child can decorate the room exactly as you want it. You can for example divide the room into zones, where one zone should invite for play, another for storage and a third for creativity. Decorate a cozy play area with one of our adventurous play tents. Our children's furniture is made in a simple design with focus on functionality. The furniture do not take up too much space in the room. The most important thing is that there is free floor space for playing and having fun.
17 produits
  • Jeu de 4 roulettes
  • Kraft Paper Roll including Shelf
  • Wall Pocket Hanger - Canoe Adventure
  • Basket - Canoe Adventure
  • Basket Butterflies
  • Miroir
  • Panier Princesse
  • Panier Wild Life
  • étagère
  • Boîte de rangement
  • Porte-livre
  • La table de nuit
  • Boîtes de rangement sur roulettes
  • Boîte de rangement pour armoire à langer
  • Armoire multifonctionnelle Play & Store
  • Tiroirs supplémentaires ou meuble à tiroirs
  • Unité de tiroir