Collectie: Cactus

Decorate the children's room with cozy pillows, play curtains and lamps. Our Cactus theme offers a cozy place for children. In the inspiration picture, we have decorated the children's room with a play curtain in fabric with windows. The windows roll up and down exactly as you want. By adding string lights from LIFETIME Kidsrooms (which can also be found below), you are able to create a cozy atmosphere with dimmed lighting under the semi high bed. The pillows from the Cactus collection also fit perfectly under the semi high bed. There is plenty of opportunity to create a cozy seating area for the children. Explore our selection and let yourself inspire by a harmonious and simple children's room.
19 producten
  • Halfhoogslaper
  • Speelgordijn Cactus
  • Bed front hoes Cactus
  • Plank onder het bed
  • Latex combimatras
  • Hoeslaken - wit
  • Knijplamp
  • Vorm kussen Cactus
  • Kussen velours zacht groen
  • Kussen Dots
  • Poef grijs velours
  • Beschermstrip voor traptreden
  • Leuning voor ladders
  • Opbergbox
  • Set van 4 wielen
  • Kleerkast met 2 deuren
  • Houten knop Square
  • Vloerkleed Grey X
  • Cotton light string "Earth"