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At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, we have a large selection of our popular wooden hut beds, which truly combine playfulness with functionality. The hut bed is designed as a real play bed, where the child gets his own cozy sanctuary, where there is room for both play and relaxation. The bed is available in several different designs, so it is possible to choose a bed that fits your child's wishes. Among other things, we have two-part beds, where the child can spend a safe night down in the bed and an exciting day up in the cabin. The cozy cabin is also available with a side space where the eager child can spend time with a good book, or choose a bed where the cabin is decorated like a cool tower! Make the bed even more personal and cozy with delicious linens and soft pillows.
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  • Hutbed Lake House No.1
  • Stapelbed My Hangout
  • Bed with roof construction
  • Beach House Corner Bed
  • Hoogslaper hutbed The Hangout
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  • 2-in-1 hutbed Beach House
  • Hutbed Play Tower
  • Hutbed Lake House No.2
  • Hutbed The Hideout Superb
  • Halfhoogslaper hutbed The Hideout
  • Hutbed The Hideout
  • Beach House hutbed met bank
  • Beach House kajuitbed
  • Hutbed Beach House
  • Hutbed Beach House 140
  • Hutbed Beach House 120
  • Stapelbed My Hangout 140
  • Stapelbed My Hangout 120
  • Hutbed My Hangout 140
  • Hutbed My Hangout 120
  • Hutbed My Hangout