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Do you need drawers for storage, spacious wardrobes or cool desks in the children's room? You will find a selection of products among our Cool Kids storage solutions. Here you can also find bed steps that can be used to get up and down the bed. Among our Cool Kids storage you will also find simple and practical bookcases. You choose how you want to decorate the entire children's room with our Cool Kids collection. Together with your children you can be the architect by mixing and matching the furniture as you wish. The choice is yours!
9 Produkte
  • Cool Kids Nachttisch
  • Cool Kids Schreibtisch
  • Cool Kids Regal mit 2 Schubladen
  • Cool Kids Kleiderschrank mit 2 Türen
  • Cool Kids Kleiderschrank mit 3 Türen
  • Cool Kids Stufe für Kojenbett
  • Cool Kids Rollbox für Kojenbett
  • Cool Kids Bettkasten für Tagesbett
  • Cool Kids Bettkasten