Collezione: Letti a capanna

At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, we have a large selection of our popular wooden house beds, which truly combine playfulness with functionality. The house bed is designed as a real play bed, where the child gets his cosy sanctuary, where there is room for both play and relaxation. The bed is available in several different designs, so choosing a bed that fits your child's wishes is possible. Among other things, we have two-part beds, where the child can spend a safe night down in the bed and an exciting day up in the cabin. The cosy cabin is also available with a side space where the eager child can spend time with a good book, or choose a bed where the cabin is decorated like a cool tower! Make the bed more personal and cosy with delicious linens and soft pillows.
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  • 2-in-1 letto Beach House
  • Letto Beachhouse
  • Letto Beachhouse 120
  • Letto Beachhouse 140
  • Letto Lake house n.2
  • Letto Lake house n. 1
  • Letto semi-alto Lake House
  • Letto basso, My Hangout
  • My Hangout
  • My Hangout 120
  • My Hangout 140
  • Letto alto 152 cm The Hangout
  • Letto semi-alto The Hangout
  • Letto The Hideout
  • Letto semi-alto The Hideout
  • Letto The Hideout Superb