Notre équipe

THE LIFETIME Service-family

Inge Lund – Sales assistant

Inge has been with our family business for over 40 years. She still remembers when orders were typed on a typewriter.

Grethe L. Krog – Sales assistant

Grethe is our expert for customer service and has been with us since 2006. She knows our collection by heart and can even tell you article numbers from items that are long out of collection.

Solvej Sejdenfaden Runge – Sales assistant

Solvej joined us as a trainee in 2020 and decided to stay with our team after completing her traineeship. Solvej is our expert on reconstructions and everything regarding data.

Sophie Christensen – Sales and Marketing coordinator

Sophie joined LIFETIME in 2021 and coordinates all kinds of tasks related to marketing, sales or sustainability. You can reach out to Sophie via:

Michael Just Nielsen – Sales and Marketing Manager

Michael joined the LIFETIME family in 2011 as a sales manager and is in constant contact with all our agents around the world. He is constantly out on the market, allocating new business opportunities.


Jaco Bosch 
– Head of design

Jaco became our designer in 2009 and has since made sure that the LIFETIME philosophy is followed through our entire collection. He is the inventor of many unique LIFETIME articles and always looks at his designs through children’s eyes.

Tom Clausen 
– Technical designer

Tom joined our team in 2017 and is working with technical drawings and assembly instructions. Tom is the reason why everyone can assemble a LIFETIME bed.

Charlotte Fuglsang Dalgas 
– E-commerce

Charlotte joined our creative team in 2021 and is our expert in e-commerce and LIFETIME’s online presentation.

Pete Devine – IT Strategy manager

Pete is the creator of our LIFETIME world in 3D. He supports us and our customers with clever online software solutions.

Keld Nielsen
– CEO and co-owner

Keld joined LIFETIME as a youth worker when he was 13 years old, he later became a machine cabinetmaker, woodwork technician, and department foreman. He joined as a co-owner and director in 2008 and is since running the company.

Henrik Engel
– CFO and co-owner

Henrik is part of the fourth generation of the Engel family and joined in 2013 as part owner and accountant. Should you have questions regarding invoices or payments kindly contact