Safety & Certifications

LIFETIME IS SAFE TO USE – that is certified!

At LIFETIME one of the responsible choices we take is safety. It might not always run smooth with design ideas or innovation, but we simply do not cut back on safety measurements. Our furniture complies with the strict EU requirements for children’s furniture (EN 747-2015, AfPS GS 2019:01) and we let the certification body TÜV SÜD certify our quality. Furthermore, our lacquer and materials are approved to comply and meet the safety and health requirements of the German Product Safety Act.

It is of outmost importance for us that parents and children feel confident and safe using our furniture. We keep that in mind when we develop useful safety add-ons, such as extra safety guards, alternative options to enter and exit LIFETIME beds or helpful rails for ladders.




Our family business has always been driven by the passion to create unique furniture solutions for children, that invite to play, learn and sleep. LIFETIME solutions should therefore always offer modularity and have a long lifespan, just as much as providing a framework for a healthy development for children throughout all ages.

We promote furniture’s quality over quantity, with a focus on reusability and a classic timeless look, that is adaptive to different needs. As children inevitably grow, LIFETIME furniture grows with them through clever modularity and smart solutions. Our bed system lasts through multiple conversions and can be passed on, just like our family business, from generation to generation.

Throughout many years we have learned and developed as a company, while humbly reinventing the children’s room. We always kept our vision close to the original LIFETIME philosophy, by focusing on responsible innovation and excellent craftmanship. We stayed true to our mission to provide functional and inspiring design that contributes to fond childhood memories and happy parents around the world. Our design aspires for the right combination of functionality, design and quality, to represent the number one brand for sustainable premium furniture for children.