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With a Cool Kids single bed, your child can have a bed and a cozy little cave at the same time. Several Cool Kids beds are available with a tipi, which forms a roof over the bed. Now the bed is both a piece of furniture for sleeping in and a creative space. We have plenty of inspiration of how you can decorate the children's room with a Cool Kids single beds. Maybe you want to start by choosing one of the tipis that reflect the child's interests. Our Cool Kids single bed without a back can be set up against the wall or placed freely in the room.

We also strive to make beds that can accompany the child for many years. The tipi on our Cool Kids single bed can therefore be removed when the child gets older and does not want the cave-like atmosphere in the bed.  

8 produits
  • Lit simple Cool Kids
  • Lit tipi simple Cool Kids SUPERHERO
  • Lit tipi simple Cool Kids UNICORN
  • Lit tipi simple Cool Kids SURF
  • Lit tipi simple Cool Kids RAINBOW
  • Cabane simple Cool Kids
  • Cabane simple Cool Kids SURF
  • Lit cabane simple Cool Kids RAINBOW