LIFETIME has been proudly producing children’s furniture in Denmark since 1972 and continues to do so. While other brands move their production to cheaper production countries, we continue producing in our own facility in Southern Denmark, which enables us to constantly control our production and to ensure the quality of our work. During the past 50 years we have turned a small workshop into a modern production facility, with modern machinery and extremely experienced and skilled craftmanship, where we passionately produce

Our head of design Jaco Bosch makes passionately sure that our LIFETIME collection always reflects our philosophy. He is the rethinker of the children’s room, invites nature inside, and optimizes furniture through children’s eyes. As the inventor of unique ideas, that manifold have been used as a source of inspiration, like My Hangout hut beds, the 4-IN-1 evolving bed, Climb & Slide and ALL-IN-ONE storage system, to name a few, he has always at heart that the furniture fits its purpose and what is more, respects the child’s age and development.