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If you are about to start decorating a room for the baby we have a wonderful selection of furniture to choose from. All of our baby furniture is made of sustainable materials where wood is the primary material in the production. Are you looking for quality wooden furniture for the baby you have come to the right place as we put a lot of effort into the production of our furniture for the baby room. We have also thought about sustainability in the design of the furniture. Our cot can be converted into a junior bed, which allows the bed to be used for a longer period of time as the baby grows. The simple design and the durable materials ensures that the baby furniture continues to be relevant when it comes to the design.
28 Produkte
  • Wickeltisch
  • Bücherregal für Wand oder Bett
  • Aufbewahrungsbox für Bett und Wand
  • Regal mit 4 Böden
  • Klemmlampe
  • 2 Spielzeugkisten auf Rollen
  • Kiste auf Rollen / Wandregal
  • Bücher Hängeregal
  • Kleiderhakenleiste
  • Wandboard schwebend / 120 cm
  • Aufbewahrungsbox für Wickeltisch
  • Buchlampe mit USB
  • Korb - Butterflies
  • Korb - Canoe Adventure
  • Korb - Wild Life
  • Holzlicht - dimmbar
  • Wandthängetasche - Canoe Adventure
  • Faltmatratze - Anthrazit Grau
  • Girlande - Ocean Life
  • Girlande - Sunset Dreams
  • Teppich Princess Diamond
  • Runder getufteter Teppich – Canoe Adventure
  • Blauer getufteter Teppich – Canoe Adventure
  • Zartrosa getufteter Teppich – Butterflies
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Blue Sage
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Blue Sage
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Natural
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Peach
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Peach
  • Lichterkette mit Baumwollkugeln "Royal"