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Are you looking for the perfect bed that suits both you and your children's needs? At LIFETIME, we have a good solution that is practical in a children's room shared by two children.  If you have children who love to sleep in the same room while telling each other funny stories until well into the evening, the bunk bed is optimal for your family. It takes up no more space than a regular bed, and there is still floor space for everything from playing with toys to arranging wrestling matches. However, the bunk bed is not only perfect for children who share a room. The extra bed can also be used as a guest bed or decorated with pillows and used as a cozy sofa for reading. In addition, the simple and elegant design as well as the high quality of the wood help to ensure that the bed lasts a LIFETIME.

We recommend that you measure the height of the room before ordering the bunk bed. We suggest that there is a distance of at least half a meter between the top mattress and the ceiling. This will prevent children from knocking their head into the ceiling.

15 Produkte
  • Niedriges Etagenbett mit Treppe
  • Niedriges Etagenbett mit gerader Leiter
  • Etagenbett mit gerader Leiter
  • Etagenbett mit gerader Leiter - Breeze
  • Family Etagenbett mit Leiter 90/120 cm
  • Family Etagenbett mit Leiter 90/140 cm
  • Family Etagenbett mit Treppe 90/120
  • Family Etagenbett mit Treppe 90/140 cm
  • Etagenbett mit Treppe
  • Etagenbett mit Treppe - Breeze
  • Niedriges Etagenbett - My Hangout - Hüttenbett / Hausbett - mit Treppe
  • Etagenbett 90 cm - My Hangout - Hüttenbett / Hausbett
  • Etagenbett 90/120 cm - My Hangout - Hüttenbett / Hausbett
  • Etagenbett 90/140 cm - My Hangout - Hüttenbett / Hausbett
  • Treppenmodul 177 cm