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A bed is not just a bed - A children's bed has to be fun and functional. Here, the bed should both give the child a good night's sleep and also be a place for fun and joy during the day. Most kids find it fun to have different beds, and especially the high-beds creates new opportunities for playing in the children's room because they have the advantage of being higher, which create extra space under the bed. Because the bed is high, you need a ladder to get into bed - and more importantly: a slide to make it even more fun to get out of bed again.

We have ladders and slides for both high beds, semi-high beds and cabin beds so it is a little more fun to get out of bed in the morning.
11 Produkte
  • Treppe für Etagen- und Hochbetten
  • Treppe für Mittel-Hochbett
  • Treppe für halbhohes Bett
  • Laufplanke für Halbhohes Bett / Play Tower
  • Rutsche für Kojenbett
  • Laufplanke mit Tau für Kojenbett
  • Kleine Leiter für Kojenbett - 2 Stufen
  • Haltebügel für gerade und schräge Leitern
  • Rutsche zum Turm Art. 170
  • Leiter / Turm für Rutsche Art. 172
  • Alu-Schutzleisten für Leiterstufen