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Does the children's room need some extra soft and cozy elements? With our selection of children's cushions and beanbag chairs, you are able to decorate the room just as you want. The beanbag chairs and the pillows will look good and create a pleasant atmosphere in the children's room. Now you can choose which cushions you think will be perfect for creating just the right cozy atmosphere. All our pillows and beanbag chairs are in a very high quality and they are available in different variants, shapes and colors to fit the theme that your children love. Choose decorative pillows in the bed and place larger pillows on the floor together with a beanbag chair. Now there is always something for the kids to tumble or sit on. Extra pillows are also indispensable when building caves in the children's room!
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  • Getuftetes Kissen – Natural
    Tufted stjernepude - Natural
  • Getuftetes getuftetes Kissen – Peach
    Tufted stjernepude - Peach
  • Getuftetes Tufting-Kissen – Blue Sage
    Tufted stjernepude - Blue Sage
  • Getuftetes Koala-Kissen
    Tufted koala pude
  • Getuftetes Giraffenkissen
    Tufted giraf pude
  • Quadratisches Kissen - Sunset Dreams
  • Runder Pouf - Sunset Dreams
  • Mondförmiges Kissen - Sunset Dreams
  • Sonnenförmiges Kissen - Sunset Dreams
  • Schildkröten Puff - Ocean Life
  • Quadratisches Kissen - Ocean Life
  • Kissen in Walform - Ocean Life
  • Muschelförmiges Kissen - Ocean Life
  • Pouf – Canoe Adventure
  • Rechteckiges Kissen - Canoe Adventure
  • Bärenförmiges Kissen - Canoe Adventure
  • Kissen in Ahornform – Canoe Adventure
  • Rundes Kissen - Butterflies / Honey Glow
  • Runder Pouf - Butterflies
  • Kissen in Schmetterlingsform - Butterflies
  • Rückenkissen - Couchkissen
  • Bankkissen / Sitzkissen
  • Kissen Wild Life
  • Kissen Wild Life Sebra
  • Formkissen Wild Life Tiger
  • Formkissen Princess Crown
  • Formkissen Dino
  • Formkissen Cactus
  • Kissen Funland Drops
  • Kissen Funland Dogs
  • Kissen Dinos & Dots
  • Kissen Man Cave