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Make it cozy and comfortable with soft blankets from LIFETIME Kidsrooms. When children play, they often play on the floor. Therefore it is a good idea to make sure there are some comfortable rugs on the floor in the children's room. This will bring a lot of joy for the kids as they now can play on the floor while sitting nice and soft on a LIFETIME rug. A rug on the floor can even give the room a more finished look by tying the furniture together. At LIFETIME we have many beautiful rugs to choose from. We know that rugs for children are exposed to a large amount of wear and tear, which is also why our rugs are made of durable materials that can withstand being used daily.
18 Produkte
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Natural
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Peach
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Peach
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Blue Sage
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Blue Sage
  • Blauer getufteter Teppich – Canoe Adventure
  • Runder getufteter Teppich – Canoe Adventure
  • Zartrosa getufteter Teppich – Butterflies
  • Teppich Wild Life
  • Teppich Princess Diamond
  • Teppich Mountain Trip Yellow
  • Teppich Zickzack Pink
  • Teppich Zickzack Ocre
  • Teppich Zickzack Green
  • Teppich Wild Grey
  • Teppich Grey & Stars
  • Teppich 1-2-Trees
  • Teppich Little Dreamer
  • Teppich GREY X.
  • Teppich Pink X.