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At LIFETIME Kidsrooms you can find the perfect bedding for the children's room in a soft and nice quality with all kinds of motifs. A cozy and pleasant atmosphere around the bed helps to create life in the room during the day, just as it ensures a high degree of comfort, which gives the child a good and restful night's sleep. The selection of bedding for children is wide and comes with a lot of motifs. Does your child like brave knights or beautiful princesses, space adventures or beautiful floral motifs? No matter what motifs your child likes to look at in their room, you can easily find the perfect linens to match your child's wishes. Most of the bedding fits the various themes that we have at LIFETIME, so the bedding will match everything from rugs to bed rails, which gives the children's room a complete look in the style of the theme you choose.  
17 Produkte
  • Bettwäsche - Ocean Life
  • Bettwäsche - Nature Trip
  • Bettwäsche Löwen
  • Bettwäsche - Sunset Dreams
  • Bettwäsche Paperflight
  • Bettwäsche Crown & Diamonds
  • Bettwäsche Space Dream
  • Bettwäsche Road Trip Race
  • Matratzenbezug Road Race
  • Spannbettlaken - Bronze
  • Spannbettlaken - Blue Shade
  • Spannbettlaken - Blush Pink
  • Spannbettlaken – Classic White
  • Wasserdichter Skeet
  • Großer Matratzenbezug – Teddy Cream
  • Großer Matratzenbezug - Teddy Choco
  • Großer Matratzenbezug – Teddy Graphite