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LIFETIME Bookcases are available in 5 heights and have a depth of 35 cm. They have ideal measurements for smaller children’s rooms as they do not reach too far into the room yet provide a clever and customizable storage system for children’s height. The fixed shelves offer plenty of space for books and toy boxes.
You can freely add-on drawers, doors, black board fronts and select handles from our assortment. Finally, you can add gable tops, which transform the bookcases into a playful version, that can be removed easily once the child outgrows the look.

Our bookcases fit nicely under a high bed or a semi-high bed, so you can take advantage of the space in the room. If you want even more beautiful and practical solutions for the children's room, you can also go to our selection of storage and shelves, which are kept in the same simple design as our shelves, so that they create a beautiful room.

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