Collection: Four poster beds

Do you want the children's room to be a magical place in the theme of a thousand and one nights, city elegance or princess dreams? Then the four-poster bed for children is a good choice, and at LIFETIME Kidsrooms we have several different models of these classic beds. Among other things, you can get a four-poster bed in the 4-in-1 variant, so that the bed can be rebuilt when it has to fulfill new dreams. The four-poster bed can be combined with various accessories so that it always reflects your child's interests through childhood, just like soft pillows and comfortable linens can turn this adventurous bed into a real haven.

See our selection of four-poster beds for children below, and find inspiration on how to create an imaginative and personal decor.

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9 products
  • Four-poster bed with frame
  • Four-poster bed with frame, Breeze
  • House bed with roof construction, Breeze
  • House bed with roof construction
  • Four-poster bed with frame (4-in-1)
  • House bed with roof (4-in-1)
  • House bed with roof construction (4-in-1)
  • LED light for 4-poster frame
  • Transformer for LED light for 4-poster frame