Our wooden materials come from sustainable driven forest plantations in Northern Europe, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries. All our suppliers provide FSC certified wood, which is one requirement for responsibly managed forestry. The FSC certification ensures that while trees are being cut, enough trees are planted to maintain resources for future generations and animals.

In the North, where the climate becomes challenging and cold during winter, pine trees grow slower than in forest areas with warmer temperatures. As a result, trees take longer to grow up as it is challenging to grow in the harsh and cold climate. This makes the pine wood both harder and more durable than fast-growing pine from warmer forests. Our wood is given the time it needs to achieve the right conditions without the addition of artificial growing agents. We set strict requirements, because we wish to use the absolute best wood for our premium furniture production.

Our machines refine the wood that arrives in raw cuts to our production facility. After processing the wooden parts, we apply environmentally friendly and water-based lacquer to both seal and protect the wood. The lacquer is neither harmful for employees working with it or the environment. It makes the wood safe to use for children and protects it from environmental impacts. We use pine wood with knots for our beds in Whitewash. Here you can see the beautiful pattern of the wood, as it shines through and provides our whitewash beds with a wonderful natural look. Our white furniture shows no wooden texture and is made from knot-free pine. Fronts for wardrobes and drawers in white are made of MDF, to ensure that although the wood changes shape with time, the doors and drawers will always perfectly fit and close.

Our ambitions to create a sustainable product do not stop with our material choices. To run our production facility, we purchase electricity from wind energy and heat with wooden scrap materials from our own production. We strictly sort our waste and make sure that it is re-entered into a circular economy. Our main packaging material is made of recycled materials and together with our collaborators we continuously search for more sustainable packaging solutions. Optimization and sustainability impact our decision making daily, so that our customers know that we have made the responsible choice for them.

LIFETIME is looking at the 17 Sustainable Development goals as a basis to develop the family business. Currently LIFETIME is focusing at four areas:

LIFETIME’s 60 employees are both women and men of all ages. We value the experience of the employees who have been loyal for many years and contribute with their many years of experience and knowledge. We also embrace the new visions of those employees who are newly joining us and challenge us to develop and become better.  We work hard for creating a balanced work environment in our factories and office, where everybody feels welcome and as a part of the LIFETIME family.

At LIFETIME we promote decent work. All our employees receive fair wages, pensions and health insurances that also support in the rare case of an accident or sickness. We provide a safe working environment and support employees with ergonomic equipment where possible. Furthermore, we let robots do the heavy lifting, so that our employees will stay with us for a long time. Our traded goods come exclusively from cooperating partners, that offer decent work requirements or Fairtrade conditions and are screened regularly. It is important to us to contribute with a positive impact locally and globally.

Our beds are made to last, rebuild and reuse. We offer our products through local resellers, to ensure great service and assistance locally to our many customers. LIFETIME beds are continuously developed to offer various options for rebuilding and customization, in order to fulfil dreams way beyond our solid basic bed.

When it comes to materials, we have high expectations. Therefore, we cooperate with suppliers, who can provide the absolutely best raw materials, produced under the ideal conditions. Our materials come from responsibly driven forests (FSC) in the colder regions of the EU, where resources are sustainably managed for future generations.