LIFETIME Kidsrooms Q & A

Where is LIFETIME Kidsrooms furniture produced?

LIFETIME Kidsrooms Original wooden furniture is produced in our production facilities in the Danish village Sønder Sejerslev in Southwest Denmark. Our Baby and Cool Kids collections are produced in Denmark by a Danish subcontractor. We have no own competences for producing textiles or accessories, so we collaborate with suppliers that are experts in their field and can help us with that. Collections in collaboration with Lorena Canals are produced in India. Together with our suppliers of accessories we make sure that all LIFETIME articles comply with our strict requirements and can be certified.

What wood is used for LIFETIME Kidsrooms furniture?

Our primary wood type is pine. Our wooden materials come from selected FSC-certified forest plantations in Northern Europe. The wood is delivered from Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries. We use suppliers with FSC certified wood, to make sure that the forests are maintained responsibly. By using FSC quality wood we make sure that enough trees are planted for the trees that are cut down and that there will be resources available for future generations.

In the North, where the climate becomes challenging and cold during winter, pine trees grow slower than in forest areas with warmer temperatures. As a result, trees take longer to grow up as it is challenging to grow in the harsh and cold climate. This makes the pine wood both harder and more durable than fast-growing pine from warmer forests. Our wood is given the time it needs to achieve the right conditions without the addition of artificial growing agents. We set strict requirements, because we wish to use the absolute best wood for our premium furniture production.

Product information

What material are the beds made of?

Colour: White

LIFETIME Kidsrooms’ white lacquered furniture is made from solid pine wood without knots, avoiding typical discoloration. The surface is treated with a white water-based furniture lacquer, which ensures an easy-to-clean and resistant surface, while giving you the peace of mind of an environmentally conscious choice. In our white lacquered beds, we use MDF for front panels, infills, doors and drawer fronts. Due to different materials, slight colour differences may occur.

Colour: Whitewash

For whitewash furniture, we use solid pine wood with knots for all parts of the bed. This provides the bed with a unique look based on the wooden structure itself. The surface of the wood is treated with water-based lacquer with added white pigments, resulting in a bright and natural look.

The white pigmented lacquer leaves the surface with open pores, which can result in a slight discolouration by time and the impact of the surroundings. We offer a refreshment kit for the colour whitewash.

Will a deluxe slatted base fit a bed that is manufactured to use a standard slatted base?

Before 2023 you needed to order new bedsides if you wanted to switch from a deluxe to a standard slatted base. Since 2023 we have changed the bedside so that they can be used for both options. Depending on the time of your purchase you might have to order new bedsides for this change.

How high may a mattress on a LIFETIME Kidsrooms bed be?

On all LIFETIME Kidsrooms bunk beds, we have marked the recommended height for mattresses according to the European safety standards to produce children's furniture.

The marking indicates that the mattress should not be higher. The maximum mattress height is indicated on the ladder of the high bed. All LIFETIME mattresses fit in the beds and comply with European safety standards. We recommend that no mattress exceeds a height of 16 cm. If you wish to use a higher mattress you can get an additional safety guard that increases the height of the bedsides with 16 cm.

How much weight can a bed support - and can an adult sleep in it?

It is the slatted base that defines the max. weight limit. For beds with a standard slatted base, we recommend a maximum weight of 150 kg. For beds with a deluxe slatted base, we recommend that the maximum weight does not exceed 200 kg.

How old should children be before they can use LIFETIME Kidsrooms products and furniture?

It is up to the parents to decide, based on their child’s skills and development, what kind of bed is suitable.

We produce our beds in accordance with the European safety standard EN 747, which requires us to specify a recommended minimum age of 6 years for beds with a mattress higher than 80 cm above floor level. Our LIFETIME 4-IN-1 floor bed can be used by children from age 2, as there is no risk of falling out.

Additional safety guards increase the bed sides with 16 cm and are optional for 90 x 200 beds, however not combinable with roof constructions.

How can I rebuild furniture?

You can reuse your basic bed, that is part of any bed combination to create the new bed combination you want. If you are uncertain which rebuilding parts you need, you can find our reconstruction tool here.


LIFETIME furniture is designed to last throughout an entire childhood and can be rebuild according to the child’s age, development, and needs. If you start with a basic bed, the fundamentals are in place. From there, the modular possibilities are endless.

How can I wash my mattress cover?

All our mattress covers can be washed for the benefit of health and cleanliness when children sleep and play in their beds. The cover should be washed according to the washing instructions. For best results after washing and air drying, place the cover on the mattress when it is still a bit damp. This way it will slide on more easily and adjust to the shape of the mattress when drying fully. 

Sustainability & health

Do you use environmentally and health-friendly lacquer in your furniture?

Our coatings in all colours are water-based and friendly to both the environment, and our employees who work with it daily. They are tested according to EU requirements and saliva proof for children. As we produce LIFETIME furniture on demand, our furniture is not stored in large warehouses for long time but produced rather shortly before being shipped out. It is normal that new furniture will have an initial smell from the natural wood and the coating, which will fade away with time.

Does LIFETIME Kidsrooms produce responsibly and sustainably?

We challenge ourselves to provide the most sustainable furniture available on the market. Read more about our sustainability approaches here.

Help & assistance

Whom should I contact if I need help and guidance?

Kindly contact your local reseller. If you have questions or claims, your local reseller will assist you with answering them.


If you have specific questions about our products, you can call our customer service +45 74 78 22 58. Our phone hours are Monday - Thursday from 09.00 - 16.00 and Friday from 09.00 - 12.00. We speak Danish, English and German. You are always welcome to contact us at We always endeavour to respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.


I have lost my assembly instruction. What should I do?

You can find all our assembly instructions as PDF version next to the article on our website. Please note that some articles split into multiple assembly instructions. If you have an older article, you can send us an inquiry by e-mail, and we will see if we can find the suitable assembly instruction in our archive. When inquiring about older articles it is helpful if you send a picture or article number of the article you are referring to.