About LIFETIME Kidsrooms

Play, Learn & Sleep

With our practical and functional furniture - like adjustable desks and chairs, adaptable beds and bookcases or beautiful accessories and textiles - you can furnish and design your kids’ bedroom - and make their dreams come true.

We are proud of our quality

At LIFETIME we value good quality and safety. We stand behind our product and offer a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing faults on the construction of our beds. Textiles and mattresses are covered by a 2-year guarantee. 

We support the 17 GLOBAL GOALS

All electricity in our factory and offices comes from windmill production - a natural and sustainable source of energy. Our factory alone is heated up by left over material from our 13.000 m2 own production in Denmark. LIFETIME Kidsrooms already received the Green Environmental Award back in 2004 for their responsible and environmentally friendly products. 

We care about our world

We use special selected sustainable wood from Northern Europe, where trees grow slow, which secures a high quality material to produce our beds. In our production we only use eco-friendly water based lacquer for a healthy and safe product. 

We care about safety

Safe and stable structures secure that our products is and remains sturdy and stable, even when it is converted many times. It's well-thought out and solid construction means that it manufactured to last for many years. Our beds are tested by TÜV in Germany according to: DIN EN 747-1:2015 - 747-2:2015. With more than 45 years experience and a market worldwide - we are experts in this field. 

We make dreams come true

We offer a range of different mattresses and slats, to ensure that your child gets the best sleep. choose the dream bed, whether it is a castle, a play tower, a practical Cabin bed for storage or all of it - the possibilities are many. 

The history

LIFETIME is a brand of the Danish family-owned company M. Schack Engel A/S and was established back in 1972.
The company M. Schack Engel A/S can look back on decades of experience in the furniture business. The history of furniture manufacturing in the little village Højer, situated in the southwestern part of Denmark goes back to 1924, when Lars Hans Engel, the grandfather of the current company owner, opened a timber repair workshop.
His son, Martin Schack Engel took over the company in 1958 and expanded the portfolio of wooden products, where he changed the little workshop in the following years to a small furniture manufacturing.
All the furniture was made of pine wood and the first modular beds, was kept together by wooden wedges, so you would not need any fittings or metal screws, which was quite unique at this time.
Due to strong demand, the company settled in their focus on children and youth furniture and invested in employees and equipment for a furniture production. This was the same time as the starting point of a successful bed system, which in 1972 started as 'the Rune System', later “the Classic System” and then the direct predecessor of today's 'LIFETIME Kidsrooms Original'. A development that has been driven by the 3rd generation of the Engel family and since also 4th generation has entered back in 2013 with John’s son, Henrik Engel.
Today the company is run and owned by John Engel, his son Henrik Engel and Keld Nielsen, who back in 2008 became a part of the owner circle, after having worked already many years in the company.
To date, all LIFETIME Kidsrooms Original furniture is manufactured in our own 13.000m2 production facility in Højer - using expert cabinet makers, wood workers and an ultra-modern machine park. The accessories and textiles are designed and sourced in collaboration with numerous of great designers, with whom we implement the newest trends to our products.
Throughout the years LIFETIME Kidsrooms has been sold worldwide and we are proud that we today are selling our high-quality beds and products manufactured still in Højer, Denmark in more than 35 countries.
With own production, a large organization and with an ambition of wanting to sell and produce modular high quality products every day and thinking of how we can help our environment, we have to make sure that our values stand in line with this and is well communicated.
We take responsibility!


FSC-certified forestry

All our wood comes from selected forest plantations in Northern Europe. The wood is delivered from Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

There are several reasons for this. Our suppliers are FSC-certified and all our raw wood comes from controlled forestry in Northern Europe. This certification assures us that all our wood comes from sustainable forestry that we can be proud of.

We give back and recognise that we must do our part to take care of the climate. That's why we take our responsibility very seriously and only use wood from responsibly managed forests.

FSC certification ensures that we always give back. For every two trees we use in our production, three new trees are planted.

Slow-growing trees from Northern Europe

One of the reasons we work with a number of sawmills from Northern Europe is that trees grow slowly in the cold climates of Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia.

In the north, where the climate is challenging and cold, pine trees grow slower than forest areas with higher temperatures. The trees take longer to grow large as it is challenging to grow in the harsh, cold climate. As a result, pine is both harder and more robust than fast-growing pine from warmer forests.

Our wood is given the time it needs to achieve the right hardness without the addition of artificial agents. We don't rush anything and we only want to use the absolute best wood in our furniture production.

The wood arrives - in its pure and natural form - at our Danish factory in Højer in south-west Jutland. Sawmills in Northern Europe cut the wood into uniform planks, which undergo a long series of quality tests before the furniture is approved for delivery to children's rooms around the world.

Production with care

At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, only eco-friendly and water-based lacquer is used to treat all furniture. The treatment of the wood is very effective and the wood surface is sealed and covered according to best practice. The eco-friendly lacquer used for wood colour treatment is not harmful to breathe, which provides our employees with good working conditions at the furniture factory in Højer.

We use pine planks with visible knots for all our white-pigmented and grey-pigmented furniture. The characteristic knot structure is clearly visible in the pigmented wood, giving the furniture a natural look where you can clearly sense the structure of the wood.

In our furniture with a white surface, the wood texture is not visible. Here the surface is smooth and the white colour is penetrating. Our white finish furniture is produced in knot-free pine. All knots are removed from the pine planks to maintain a simple and classic white look.

From generation to generation

The starting point for LIFETIME Kidsrooms has always been to create unique furniture solutions for children. We've been doing this since 1972, and we will continue to do so in the future. At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, we produce furniture that provides a framework for the healthy development of children of all ages.

It is important to us that we help promote a focus on quality over quantity. Our desire is to create quality furniture that lasts a lifetime. It shouldn't be necessary to buy new furniture as soon as children's needs change.

Remodel, add and recombine your children's furniture when they need more storage, more room to play or more sleeping space. Our goal is - and always has been - to create great furniture solutions that will always have a place in the home.

Children's furniture should last a long time because - admittedly - it's inevitable that children grow and grow. That's why it's only natural for us that a piece of children's furniture should grow with the child.

Not only does our furniture have multiple functions and combination options, we also make sure that the quality is top-notch. That's why our furniture stays in the family for generations as more children come along and the family tree expands further.

Sustainable production

At our Danish factory, we only use electricity from sustainable energy sources. All electricity for the daily operation of our production facilities comes from wind turbine energy. Green energy and sustainable solutions have - since the very beginning - been part of our DNA at LIFETIME Kidsrooms.

The 13,000 m2 production area in Denmark is heated exclusively with residual material from production. Nothing goes to waste in the production facility. All surplus wood is used to heat the factory.

We contribute to the green transition and want to maintain focus on the necessity of using climate-friendly energy solutions in the production of furniture. We take responsibility and for decades we have focused on reducing our carbon footprint by optimising our production facilities towards sustainable production solutions.

Safety approved children's furniture

We've been manufacturing children's furniture since 1972. So we know a thing or two about making quality furniture for the nursery. It is very important to us that our furniture is approved according to all applicable regulations. That's why we work with the independent German company TÜV, which tests and certifies both facilities and items to minimise hazards and prevent damage. We endeavour to maintain a high level of quality, focusing on creating furniture that both parents and children feel safe and comfortable with.

LIFETIME Kidsrooms beds are manufactured in accordance with all applicable regulations and safety measures according to the requirements set out by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH.

LIFETIME Kidsrooms is TÜV certified as of 17/11 2020. The certificate ensures the maintenance of flawless and consistent furniture manufacturing. LIFETIME beds fulfil all health and safety requirements set by the German Product Safety Act.

Design with reason and heart

LIFETIME Kidsroom furniture is designed by our Dutch designer, Jaco Bosch. Since 2011, Jaco has been developing unique children's furniture for children all over the world. Jaco's inspiring and functional designs inspire and contribute to fond childhood memories all over the world. At the same time, the furniture contributes to happy parents around the world who love the high functionality of the children's room.

We make a point of combining functionality and creativity through good design. We have always done so, and our philosophy is that good design should speak to both the mind and the heart. It's a point of view we always return to when new furniture is on the drawing board.

It has always been important to us to create children's furniture that makes a difference for both children and parents. For decades, we've maintained our original philosophy with a focus on craftsmanship and innovative solutions.

Today, the furniture is still designed and produced based on the company's original values. In addition to creating the perfect environment for a child's healthy development, our furniture is designed to grow with the child. All furniture is therefore still designed based on the combination of creative and functional design.