Collection: Babyroom

Are you expecting and just don’t know where to start with creating a lovely nursery?
The LIFETIME baby collection is small, but well thought through and therefore an excellent place to start with. Baby furniture is used for a rather short term, as the baby quickly outgrows most solutions. The LIFETIME crib is developed in a way that it can grow with your child and be rebuild as a junior bed when the child outgrows the cot style. The LIFETIME changing unit matches the baby crib and can be rebuild into a children’s desk after the changing unit is not needed anymore. That way the lifespan of both articles can be extended and serve you for several years to come.
32 products
  • Changing cabinet
  • Baby cot
  • Baby mattress - soft
  • Waterproof fitted skeet
  • Junior bed
  • Storage boxes on castors
  • Storage box
  • Bookshelf for wall or bed
  • Storage box for the bed and wall
  • Coat rack for the bed or wall
  • Wall shelf
  • Book rack
  • Bookcase with shelves
  • Clip-on light
  • Book Lamp with USB
  • Storage box for changing cabinet
  • Folding mattress
  • Wood Light
  • Basket Butterflies
  • Basket - Canoe Adventure
  • Basket with hangers - Wild Life
  • Wall Pocket Hanger - Canoe Adventure
  • Garland - Ocean Life
  • Garland - Sunset Dreams
  • Round tufted rug - Canoe Adventure
  • Rug shaped like a diamond - Princess
  • Blue tufted rug - Canoe Adventure
  • Soft pink tufted rug - Butterflies
  • Tufted rug - Essence Blue Sage
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Blue Sage
  • Tufted rug - Essence Natural
  • Tufted rug - Essence Peach
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Peach
  • Cotton ball light - Royal