Make the bed part of the play in the children's room. All our designs each add their own way to creativity and playful activities. Our cots are for both boys and girls, and with our selection of fun accessories, children can get exactly the sleeping space they dream of. We have several different models that not only cover the child's playfulness, but also the parents' need for practical solutions. One high bed releases e.g. floor space, and makes it easier to decorate a small children's room where there is still plenty of space for play. If you have small children who would like to be able to crawl up and down themselves, you can also consider one basic bed, which is suitable for both small and large children. Among our particularly popular cots you will find our cabin beds, where there is both space for secret games and creative immersion, just as there is plenty of space for storing toys. Whichever model you and your child choose, there is the option to customize it with fun accessories and other details for the room, so you get exactly the cot (and the nursery) that fits into your dreams. Start by being inspired by our large range below.

Choose one of our beds and customize it exactly as you want. Add and style your bed in our 3D customizer. Find the customize-button under each product.