Kategorie: Essence Natural

LIFETIME x LORENA CANALS. Essence Natural is made of unbleached natural cotton, just the way it comes. The warm white tone combines easily with other colours and highlights and is a gender-neutral design in a wonderful soft quality. The theme is available as a fabric roof, pocket hanger, and play curtain for both the semi-high and low loft bed. Don’t forget the matching rug and cushions. The theme is produced in collaboration with Lorena Canals. 
16 Produkte
  • 4-in-1 Bett für Stoffdach
  • Halbhohes Bett mit gerader Leiter – Breeze
  • Mittelhochbett mit schräger Leiter
  • 4-in-1 Himmelbett
  • Stoffdach - Essence
    Stoftag til seng - Essence Natural
  • Spielvorhang für Halbhochbett - Essence
    Play curtain for semi high bed - Essence Natural
  • Spielvorhang für Mittel Hochbett – Essence
  • Himmel für 4-in-1 Bett – Essence
    Himmel til 4-i-1 sengehimmel - Essence Natural
  • Taschenaufhänger fürs Bett – Essence
    Bed pocket for children's bed - Essence Natural
  • Getuftetes Kissen – Natural
    Tufted stjernepude - Natural
  • Formkissen Wild Life Tiger
  • Getufteter Teppich – Essence Natural
  • Getuftetes Giraffenkissen
    Tufted giraf pude
  • Getuftetes Koala-Kissen
    Tufted koala pude
  • Bärenförmiges Kissen - Canoe Adventure
  • Rechteckiges Kissen - Canoe Adventure