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Maybe it is a good idea to add extra shelves or drawers in the children's wardrobe? Or maybe the need for more rooms in the wardrobe is the way to go? Fortunately it is all possible with a wardrobe from LIFETIME. Have a look at our selection of shelves, walls and drawers for the children's wardrobe. Our selection of accessories for the wardrobe has the advantage of giving you new storage opportunities in the children's room. Maybe you have fallen for our wardrobe system, where you can put together a wardrobe solution that fits your child's needs perfectly. If you need shelves, walls and drawers to change the way the wardrobe is organized, you can find the right solution right here.
7 Produkte
  • Zusätzliches Regal für Kleiderschrank 50 cm - 3er-Pack
  • Zusätzliches Regal für Kleiderschrank 100 cm - 3er-Pack
  • Aufteilung für Schrankschublade - 100 cm
  • Kleiderstange mit LED und Beschlägen
  • Einlegeboden für Schrankelement 100 cm
  • Boden für Schrankelement 50 cm
  • Lade für Schrankelement 50 cm