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LIFETIME Kidsrooms presents ALL IN ONE locker and storage.

A locker system where you can either buy a ready made locker or you have the option to design a system according to your needs.

The ALL IN ONE system from LIFETIME Kidsrooms allows you to create the setup you want for you and your child, regardless of storage space needs.

The cabinet you build can either stand against a wall or under our semi high, low loft or high beds. You'll create a bed with plenty of storage space underneath. This way, you create a whole lot of floor space for your child to play and learn.

  • Base portaoggetti All-In-One con 3 cassetti
  • Base contenitore All-In-One con ante, ripiano e asta appendiabiti
  • Armadietto All-In-One - alto, con anta, ripiano e asta appendiabiti
  • Armadietto All-In-One - basso, con porta, ripiano e asta appendiabiti
  • ALL IN ONE storage with 1 shelf 40 cm
  • Porta All-In-One per armadietto - bassa
  • ALL IN ONE storage with 1 shelf 80 cm
  • All-In-One - Set di Ante per Base Contenitore
  • Armadietto All-In-One - basso
  • Armadietto tutto in uno - alto
  • Porta All-In-One per armadietto - alta
  • ALL IN ONE - piano alto per modulo 40 cm
  • All-In-One - Base contenitore
  • All-In-One - Set di 3 cassetti per base contenitore
  • All-In-One - Extra Top - piccolo
  • All-In-One - Extra Top - grande
  • All-In-One - Set di ante per Extra Top - grande
  • All-In-One - Ripiano 40 cm
  • All-In-One - Ripiano 80 cm
  • All-In-One - Appendiabiti per Armadietto 40 cm
  • All-In-One - Appendiabiti per Base Contenitore 80 cm
  • All-In-One - Piedistallo per armadietto
  • All-In-One - Piedistallo per Base Contenitore