Roof panels and window - My Hangout

Roof panels and window - My Hangout

SKU: 6368

These high-quality roof panels and windows are made for the Hangout bed for optimal durability and functionality. These panels and windows ensure a safe and comfortable experience, blocking out light and sound for a night of undisturbed sleep.


Dimensions: H77 x W215 D17 cm

Colour: Mixed colour, white, white pigmented and grey pigmented

LIFETIME Kidsroom's white lacquered children's beds are made from solid pine wood without knots, to avoid typical discolouration through the knots. The surface is treated with a white water-based furniture lacquer, which ensures an easy-to-clean and resistant surface combined with an environmentally conscious choice. In our white lacquered beds, we use MDF for front panels, fillings, doors and drawer fronts. Due to different materials, slight colour differences may occur. 

For our whitewashed children's beds, we use solid pine wood with knots for all parts of the bed. This enhances the natural look of the furniture and the wooden pattern that light shines through the lacquer. The surface of the wood is treated with water-based lacquer which contains fewer white pigments than the white lacquer, causing the natural look. 

The whitewash lacquer leaves the surface partially with open pores, which can result in a slight discolouration with time. However, the colour whitewash can be refreshed with our whitewash refreshment kit.