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As a starting point, consider your child's needs and wishes when designing the perfect room for your children. Bring joy by decorating a cozy room focusing on what they like and enjoy. We think that this is the most important thing to consider. At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, there are plenty of opportunities to unfold your creativity and design a completely unique children's room that fits your child's dreams. We have a wide selection of interiors and furniture for the children's room. Here you will find beautiful carpets, fun play tents, cozy bed covers and much. This will create a space for play and adventure.

Get ideas of how to put together all of our beautiful interiors in a fun and unique way by seeking inspiration here on our page.

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  • Cotton light string "Fresh"
  • Cotton light string "Cozy"
  • Pocket hanger Princess
  • Set of 4 castors
  • Bed linen Road Race
  • Kraft Paper Roll including Shelf
  • Wood Light - dimmable
  • Book Lamp with USB
  • Cotton light string "Grey"
  • Cotton light string "Royal"
  • Cotton light string "Dream"
  • Cotton light string "Earth"
  • Cotton light string "White"
  • Premium Cotton Light String - Ocean Life
  • Premium Cotton Light String - Sunset Dreams
  • Couch cushion backside
  • Bench cushion / floor cushion
  • Round Pouf - Sunset Dreams
  • Square Cushion - Sunset Dreams
  • Moon Shaped Cushion - Sunset Dreams
  • Sun Shaped Cushion - Sunset Dreams
  • Turtle Pouf - Ocean Life
  • Square Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Whale Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Shell Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Garland - Sunset Dreams
  • Garland - Ocean Life
  • Pocket Hanger - Sunset Dreams
  • Pocket Hanger - Ocean Life
  • Blue Rug Canoe Adventure - Tufted
  • Round Rug Canoe Adventure - 3D Tufted
  • Pouf - Canoe Adventure