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The children's room is a place where children relax and recharge their batteries. Oftentimes children like to have more furniture than just a bed and a wardrobe. Therefore we have a selection of child-friendly furniture. You and your child can decorate the room exactly as you want it. You can for example divide the room into zones, where one zone should invite for play, another for storage and a third for creativity. Our children's furniture is made in a simple design with a focus on functionality. The most important thing is that there is free floor space for playing and having fun. 
128 products
  • Tufted Cushion - Essence Natural
    Tufted stjernepude - Natural
  • Pocket hanger for bed - Essence
    Bed pocket for children's bed - Essence Natural
  • Tufted rug - Essence Natural
  • Book rack
  • Clip-on table for bed
  • Storage boxes on castors
  • Storage box for changing cabinet
  • Tufted Cushion - Essence Peach
    Tufted stjernepude - Peach
  • Corner bed shelf
  • Corner shelf with LED light
  • Pocket hanger for bed - Essence
    Cot pocket for children's bed - Essence Peach
  • Tufted rug - Essence Peach
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Peach
  • Storage box for the bed and wall
  • Tufted Cushion - Essence Blue Sage
    Tufted stjernepude - Blue Sage
  • Tufted rug - Essence Blue Sage
    Tufted gulvtæppe - Essence Blue Sage
  • Pocket hanger for bed - Essence
    Bed pocket for children's bed - Essence Blue Sage
  • Tufted koala cushion
    Tufted koala pude
  • Tufted giraffe cushion
    Tufted giraf pude
  • Cotton ball light - Royal
  • Storage box
  • Book Lamp with USB
  • Bear Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Wall Pocket Hanger - Canoe Adventure
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Canoe Adventure
  • Garland - Ocean Life
  • Whale Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Shell Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Square Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Table lamp
  • Pocket Hanger - Ocean Life
  • Blue tufted rug - Canoe Adventure
  • Turtle Pouf - Ocean Life