Collection: Semi-high Beds

Do you want the opportunity to take advantage of both the width and height of the children's room, even if the ceiling is not very high? If the answer is yes you have to take a look at the semi-high bed from LIFETIME. The semi-high bed is the perfect solution and a good alternative to our high beds. The semi-high bed makes it possible to use the space under the bed for storage, which is a great advantage in children's rooms where floor space is limited. Toys, books and other stuff can be stored neatly in boxes or in drawers placed under the bed. Here children always have easy access to all their stuff. Our semi-high beds are made of wood, and have a simple and elegant look that fits into any room. We have a special focus on high quality in our production, which ensures that the bed can last for a LIFETIME.

Explore our selection of semi-high beds, and be inspired of how to use the extra space under the bed for cozy moments.

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