Collection: Chill - lounge furniture

In cooperation with the Danish designer Charlotte Høncke, LIFETIME Kidsrooms proudly presents the CHILL collection.

The CHILL collection consists of a stool, a chair, a bench and a round table, which are designed to invite our juniors to a cosy yet comfortable seating area, that inspires them to play and relax.

Charlotte Høncke is a passionate furniture designer from Aarhus, Denmark. Her designs are pure and simple, yet she enjoys taking a playful approach to making her designs stand out. Our outstanding CHILL collection is designed to create a little “hygge” (cosy) corner or lounge set-up that can easily be placed together with grown-up furniture or stand by itself in the children’s room.

The items can be mixed and matched according to the individual needs. The chair, bench and stool are available in 4 colours: Frosted Blue, Midnight Shade, Cherry Blossoms and Rose Blush. The soft seating cushions add a warm and functional touch to the design, as they are removable and washable. This little set is a cosy staple to any children’s room.
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  • Chill - Stool - Midnight Shade
  • Chill - Stool - Frosted Blue
  • Chill - Stool - Rose Blush
  • Chill - Stool - Cherry Blossoms
  • Chill - Chair - Midnight Shade
  • Chill - Chair - Frosted Blue
  • Chill - Chair - Rose Blush
  • Chill - Chair - Cherry Blossoms
  • Chill - Bench - Midnight Shade
  • Chill - Bench - Frosted Blue
  • Chill - Bench - Rose Blush
  • Chill - Bench - Cherry Blossoms
  • Chill - Play Table - Frosted Blue
  • Chill - Play Table - Cherry Blossoms