Collection: Bookcases

Are you tired of toys floating all over the room and do you want a smart storage system where your child can keep track of all their things themselves? It must be every parent's dream scenario, and we have a solution that can help you along the way. Our beautiful children's shelves are just the thing! They do not take up much floor space, and several of them also take advantage of the height of the room, so you get the most out of the square meters. Our shelves are all kept in a simple design, and they are kept in relatively simple colors that fit any children's room. Several of them also fit nicely under a high bed or a semi-high bed, so you can really take advantage of the space in the room. If you want even more beautiful and practical solutions for the children's room, you can also go to our selection of storage and shelves, which are kept in the same simple design as our shelves, so that they create a beautiful room.

Explore our selection of children's shelves below, and find inspiration on how you can decorate your child's room in a beautiful and practical way. Choose one of our bookcases and customize it exactly as you want. Add and style your bookcase in our 3D customizer. Find the customize-button under each product. 

8 products
  • Bookcase with 4 shelves
  • Bookcase with 1 shelf
  • Drawer set for bookcase
  • Large doors for bookcase
  • Bookcase with 3 shelves
  • Bookcase with 2 shelves
  • Low bookcase / bench
  • Small doors for bookcase