Collection: Get ready for school!

Do you have a dedicated space to study and learn? If not, you can get your learning corner from LIFETIME and benefit from our Back-2-School campaign*

*only at participating resellers.

Get a great offer for LIFETIME desks, electric desks, desk chairs, bookcases – all the essentials to create your perfect study corner. Check if your local reseller is participating in the campaign and get -15% discount on your LIFETIME study!


24 products
  • ERGO electric adjustable desk - left flip part
  • ERGO electric adjustable desk - right flip part
  • Bookholder for ERGO desk incl. tablet stand
  • RISE electrical adjustable desk with drawer and USB
  • Writing desk - height and slant adjustable
  • Height adjustable desk
  • Drawer for height adjustable desk
  • Cool kids desk
  • COMFORT desk chair
  • ERGO desk chair
  • SUNNY desk chair
  • Drawer unit
  • Extra drawers or drawer unit
  • Bookcase with 4 shelves
  • Bookcase with 3 shelves
  • Bookcase with 2 shelves
  • Bookcase with 1 shelf
  • Low bookcase
  • Large doors for bookcase
  • Drawer set for bookcase
  • Small doors for bookcase
  • Bookcase top, clock
  • Bookcase top, house
  • Bookcase top, roof