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Decorating a children's room should feel good for both parents and children. Based on the children's wishes, a room should be a fun, inspiring and creative place to play and sleep in. At the same time, a children's room should be practical for parents in the household. At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, it is our mission to uncover all the wishes that children and parents might have. That is why we have decorated a number of children's rooms, which hopefully will inspire your way of decorating a room for your children. Here you see one of our hut beds, which is called the Lake House. Find the right storage boxes or choose if you need a bed drawer under the bed. You can also have a look at our selection of decorative pillows or you can add a bookcase for the children's room? The possibilities are many and the choices are yours.
  • House bed 90 x 200 cm - Lake House
  • Large bed drawer
  • Rug Zigzag - Green
  • Storage box
  • Fitted sheet - Classic White
  • Bed linen Crown & Diamants
  • Cushion Fairy Dust
  • Bookcase with 3 shelves
  • Large doors for bookcase
  • Drawer set for bookcase
  • Wooden handle Smile
  • Clip-on light
  • House bed 90 x 200 cm - My Hangout