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In collaboration with the international textile designer Lorena Canals, LIFETIME proudly presents the washable collections PRINCESS, WILD LIFE, BUTTERFLIES, and CANOE ADVENTURE.

Lorena Canals, creator of the washable rug concept, creates safe and functional home decor with environmentally friendly, handmade rugs and accessories. These are made of natural cotton and non-toxic dyes to ensure a durable product that lasts after washing and makes everyday life easier. Her business idea is based on creating a perfect rug for a child-friendly home.

Together with a team of nearly 200 artisans, Lorena Canals works tirelessly to get every detail right for her unique and sustainable pieces of art. The production takes place in her factories in India and is supported by offices and warehouses around the world.
Special focus on quality throughout the entire production process, from the selection of the best raw materials to the promotion of socially responsible labor practices, make these items outstanding products and fantastic additions to any children’s room.

  • Pocket hanger - Princess
  • Canopy for four poster bed - Honey Glow
  • Round Pouf - Butterflies
  • Soft pink tufted rug - Butterflies
  • Round Cushion - Butterflies/Honey Glow
  • Butterfly Shaped Cushion - Butterflies
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Butterflies
  • Pocket Hanger - Honey Glow
  • Basket Butterflies
  • Canopy for four poster bed - Butterflies
  • Round tufted rug - Canoe Adventure
  • Blue tufted rug - Canoe Adventure
  • Rectangular Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Pouf - Canoe Adventure
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Canoe Adventure
  • Bear Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Wall Pocket Hanger - Canoe Adventure
  • Maple Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Basket - Canoe Adventure
  • Fabric Roof - Canoe Adventure
  • Cushion Wild Life
  • Basket with hangers - Wild Life
  • Tiger shaped cushion - Wild Life
  • Rug - Wild Life
  • Cushion Sebra
  • Rug shaped like a diamond - Princess
  • Crown shaped cushion - Princess Stars