Collection: My Hangout

The original design idea of the LIFETIME My Hangout bed was to create a bed where the play area is placed on top instead of beneath the bed. This allows children to practice important motoric skills while playing and gives them their very own destination to go to when they need a break. The My Hangout bed is playful, decorative and has been so popular, that we made many different versions of it. The My Hangout Adventure bed has a wooden floor and invites for playing. The My Hangout bunkbeds are made for sleeping on both levels. 
15 products
  • House bed 90 x 200 cm - My Hangout
  • Bunk bed 140 x 200 cm - My Hangout
  • Low house bed - My Hangout
  • Semi high house bed - My Hangout
  • Fitted Sheet - Blue Shade
  • Bed Linen Ocean Life
  • Garland - Ocean Life
  • Blue tufted rug - Canoe Adventure
  • Clip-on light
  • Shell Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Square Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Whale Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Turtle Pouf - Ocean Life
  • Pocket Hanger - Ocean Life
  • Storage box for the bed and wall