Collection: Panda Paradise

Enjoy the earthy and fresh PANDA PARADISE theme for creative playing and dreaming of big adventures. The theme consists of a fabric roof and back panel for the 4-in-1 / basic bed with roof construction (for fabric roof), a set of play curtains for the semi-high bed, lovely cushions, soft rounds poufs and fantastic play mattresses (Preorder now!). 
23 products
  • 4-in-1 bed with roof
  • Semi high bed with straight ladder
  • Semi high bed with straight ladder - Breeze
  • Semi high bed with stepladder
  • Fabric roof incl. garland - Panda Paradise
  • Back panel curtain - Panda Paradise
  • Play curtain for semi-high bed - Panda Paradise
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Panda Paradise
  • Shaped cushion Leaf - Panda Paradise
  • Square cushion Panda - Panda Paradise
  • Round pouf - Teddy Choco
  • Rectangular cushion Paw - Panda Paradise
  • Small Play mattress - Rib Graphite
  • Small Play mattress - Rib Cream
  • Small Play mattress - Rib Choco
  • Round pouf - Teddy Cream
  • Large mattress cover - Teddy Graphite
  • Large mattress cover - Teddy Cream
  • Large mattress cover - Teddy Choco
  • Basic mattress
  • Ladder for slide
  • Slide for straight ladder
  • Fabric roof Forest Ranger