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LIFETIME Kidsrooms offer so much play furniture for your kid's rooms. As a starting point, consider your child's needs and wishes when designing the perfect room for your children. Bring joy by decorating a cosy room focusing on what they like and enjoy. At LIFETIME Kidsrooms, there are plenty of opportunities to unfold your creativity and design a completely unique children's room that fits your child's dreams. We have a wide selection of interiors and furniture for the children's room. Here you will find beautiful carpets, fun play tents, cosy bed covers and much more. This will create a space for play and adventure.

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  • Tufted giraffe cushion
    Tufted giraf pude
  • Kraft Paper Roll including shelf
  • Maple Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Tufted koala cushion
    Tufted koala pude
  • Wall Pocket Hanger - Canoe Adventure
  • Pouf - Canoe Adventure
  • Pocket hanger for the bed - Canoe Adventure
  • Bear Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Book Lamp with USB
  • Tufted Cushion - Essence Peach
    Tufted stjernepude - Peach
  • Basket - Canoe Adventure
  • Tufted Cushion - Essence Blue Sage
    Tufted stjernepude - Blue Sage
  • Pocket hanger for bed - Essence
    Bed pocket for children's bed - Essence Blue Sage
  • Book rack
  • Garland - Ocean Life
  • Turtle Pouf - Ocean Life
  • Pocket hanger for bed - Essence
    Cot pocket for children's bed - Essence Peach
  • Shell Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Whale Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Pocket Hanger - Ocean Life
  • Tufted Cushion - Essence Natural
    Tufted stjernepude - Natural
  • Couch cushion backside
  • Play cushion / floor cushion
  • Pocket hanger for bed - Essence
    Bed pocket for children's bed - Essence Natural
  • Garland - Sunset Dreams
  • Round Pouf - Sunset Dreams
  • Pocket Hanger - Sunset Dreams
  • Moon Shaped Cushion - Sunset Dreams
  • Sun Shaped Cushion - Sunset Dreams
  • Butterfly Shaped Cushion - Butterflies
  • Round Pouf - Butterflies
  • Basket Butterflies