Collection: Princess

Here is a children's room for children who love princesses, beautiful dresses and adorable four-poster beds. Be inspired by our princess theme with a princess canopy. Give the old room a make over to bring a new look and feel into the children's room. Get inspiration and take a closer look at the entire princess universe. We have collected everything that you see on the inspiration picture. Also you can read about our princess themed baskets, blankets, pouf or bed canopies.
20 products
  • Four-poster bed with frame
  • Canopy for 4-poster bed - Princess
  • Pocket hanger - Princess
  • 5-Zone comfort mattress
  • Fitted sheet - Classic White
  • Bed linen City Chic
  • Rug shaped like a diamond - Princess
  • Pouf with stars - Princess Stars
  • Star shaped cushion - Princess Stars
  • Crown shaped cushion - Princess Stars
  • Table lamp
  • Corner shelf with LED light
  • Height adjustable desk
  • Drawer for height adjustable desk
  • Corner wardrobe base
  • Wardrobe base 50 cm
  • Wardrobe door
  • Wooden handle Square
  • LED light for 4-poster frame
  • Transformer for LED light for 4-poster frame