Collection: Soft animal cushions

Does the children's room need some extra soft and cosy elements? With our selection of animal cushions, you can decorate the kid's room just as you want. Add your kid's favorite animal to sleep with.  Now you can choose which cushions you think will be perfect for creating just the right cosy atmosphere. Choose decorative pillows in the bed and place larger pillows on the floor. Now there is always something for the kids to tumble or sit on. 
13 products
  • Tufted giraffe cushion
    Tufted giraf pude
  • Tiger shaped cushion - Wild Life
  • Tufted koala cushion
    Tufted koala pude
  • Bear Shaped Cushion - Canoe Adventure
  • Turtle Pouf - Ocean Life
  • Butterfly Shaped Cushion - Butterflies
  • Whale Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Cushion Sebra
  • Shell Shaped Cushion - Ocean Life
  • Cushion Space Dream Hero
  • Cushion - Funland
  • Cushion Dinos & Dots
  • Dino shaped cushion - Dino