Collection: The Hideout

Get inspired and decorate a room that your child loves. Take advantage of the height of the room and let the children climb into their very own hut bed up in the air. They can easily get up by themselves with the stairs on the side of the bed. Create a unique children's room with a bed that is both fun for children and practical for parents. Inside the stairs there are rooms to store what you need. As inspiration for you, we have decorated a children's room with pillows, a coat rack, bedding and lamps. All interior and all furniture (which is in the inspiration picture) you can have a closer look at below. 
19 products
  • Semi high house bed - Hideout
  • Shelf for the bed
  • Storage box for the bed and wall
  • Coat rack for the bed or wall
  • 7-Zone mattress HR-foam
  • Fitted sheet - Stone Grey
  • Bed linen Paperflight
  • Rug Zigzag ocre
  • Big velour pouf - Grey
  • Table lamp
  • Clip-on light
  • Cushion Wild Life
  • Wardrobe base 50 cm
  • Wardrobe door
  • Bookcase with 2 shelves
  • Small doors for bookcase
  • Drawer set for bookcase
  • Wooden handle Diamond
  • Basket with hangers - Wild Life