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Our wardrobes for children are of solid quality and made in a simple design with plenty of storage options. LIFETIME Kidsrooms' wardrobes for children are a perfect choice for storing children's clothes in their own room. The cabinet utilizes the height of the room and takes up less floor space, so there is more space for other furniture or maybe a bigger area for playing with friends. Our wardrobes are available in different sizes with either two or three doors. If you want to use the cabinet for storing other things than clothes, you might consider one of our models that are equipped with drawers for even more flexible storage opportunities. Also go to our selection of handles for wardrobes, if you want to personalize the wardrobes.

Maybe it is a good idea to add extra shelves or drawers in the children's wardrobe? Or maybe the need for more rooms in the wardrobe is the way to go? Fortunately it is all possible with a wardrobe from LIFETIME. Have a look at our selection of shelves, walls and drawers for the children's wardrobe. Our selection of accessories for the wardrobe has the advantage of giving you new storage opportunities in the children's room. Maybe you have fallen for our wardrobe system, where you can put together a wardrobe solution that fits your child's needs perfectly. If you need shelves, walls and drawers to change the way the wardrobe is organized, you can find the right solution right here.

11 products
  • 2-Door wardrobe
  • Wardrobe with 2 Doors and 2 Drawers - 100 cm
  • Wardrobe with 3 Doors and 4 Drawers - 150 cm
  • 3-Door wardrobe
  • Corner wardrobe
  • Drawer for 50 cm wardrobe base
  • Drawer for 100 cm wardrobe base
  • Layout for Wardrobe Drawer - 100 cm
  • Clothes rail for wardrobe with LED and fittings
  • Extra Shelf for wardrobe base 100 cm
  • Extra Shelf for wardrobe base 50 cm